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Undergraduate Courses
Fall Term 2009

Course NameCourse TypeInstructor(s)
International Financerequired courseCharles Bram Cadsby
Accounting IIrequired coursePaul PM Bon
Accounting Irequired coursePaul PM Bon
Financial Managementrequired courseRajesh Kumar
Monetary Bankingrequired courseRajesh Kumar
Managementrequired courseScott George
Intermediate Microeconomicscore courseWilliam Chan
Political Economy I★required courseYajun Bao
Political Economy Irequired courseYajun Bao
Western Economics IIrequired courseChunguang Cai
Social Securityfield courseJinxiong Chang
Western Economics cross-universityminor courseJinxiong Chang
Political Economy I★required courseBo Chen
Political Economy Irequired courseBo Chen
Principles of Political Economy Icore courseBo Chen
Political Economy I★required courseWeihua Du
Political Economyrequired courseWeihua Du, Hua Fang
Intermediate Microeconomicscore courseGuan Gong
Directed Readings in Classics of Economicscore courseYuchang He
Mathematical Analysis Icore courseJue Huang, Fumin Jiang
Mathematical Analysis IIIcore courseJue Huang, Fumin Jiang
Western Economics IIrequired courseYing Lan
Intermediate Microeconomicscore courseLingfang Li
History of Foreign Economic Theoryfield courseYaohua Li
International Economicsfield courseFang Lou
Transition Economicselective courseFang Lou
Western Economics IIrequired courseJuli Lu
Political Economy I★required coursePeihua Mao, Xinyu Qi
Principles of Political Economy Icore courseXinyu Qi
Western Economics IIrequired courseLianyuan Qian
Software for Economic Data Analysiselective courseGenxiang Shen
Labor Relationsfield courseZhiyi Shen
Political Economyrequired courseZhiyi Shen
Political Economy I★required courseLin Sun
Political Economy Irequired courseLin Sun
Mathematical Analysis Icore courseYan Sun
Applied Time Series Analysiselective courseYan Sun
Mathematical Analysis Icore courseDaohan Qin
Mathematical Analysis IIIcore courseDaohan Qin
Environmental and Resource Economicselective courseJijun Tan
Econometricscore courseJi Tao
Stochastic Processcore courseHaijun Wang
Economic Data Mining and Analysisfield courseYaodong Wang
Socio-economic Statisticselective courseYaodong Wang
Analysis of Chinese Economyfield course
Principles of Political Economy Icore courseZhuang Wu
Political Economy Irequired courseGuohai Yan
Multinational Corporation and Foreign Direct Investmentfield courseGe Yang
World Economyfield courseGe Yang
Dynamic Optimizationfield courseShihai Yang
Western Economics cross-universityminor courseLan Yao
Western Economics IIrequired courseZhengmao Ye
Salary Managementfield courseZhengmao Ye
Econometricscore courseBei Zhang
Labor Economicsfield courseDeyuan Zhang
Western Economics IIrequired courseDeyuan Zhang
Theory of Economic Growthelective courseMin Zhang
Political Economy I★required courseQinyue Zhang
Principles of Political Economy Icore courseQinyue Zhang
Introduction to Capitalfield courseQinyue Zhang
Methodology of Economicselective courseYinjie Zhang
Econometricsfield courseJian Zhou
Microeconometricselective courseJian Zhou
Advanced Algebra Ifield courseXieyong Zhou
Topics in Quantitative Economicselective courseJian ZhouYahong Zhou
Topics in World Economyelective courseChunguang Cai
Topics in Labor Economicselective courseZhengmao Ye
Topics in Economic Theoryelective courseHongjun Zhong, Junji Xiao, Lin Sun, Xinyu Qi, Ling Shen