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Undergraduate Courses
Spring Term 2010

Course NameCourse TypeInstructor(s)
Intermediate Macroeconomicscore courseAndrew L. H. Parkes
Monetary Bankingrequired courseGu Yanxiang
Financial Managementrequired courseRajesh Kumar
International Traderequired courseWilliam Edwards
Political Economy IIrequired courseYajun Bao
Political Economy II★required courseYajun Bao
Microeconomicsrequired courseChunguang Cai
Principles of Economicsrequired courseJinxiong Chang
Social Securityfield courseJinxiong Chang
History of Chinese Economic Thoughtfield courseLin Cheng
Experimental Economics ▲elective courseNinghua Du
Political Economy I★required courseNinghua Du
Microeconomicsrequired courseCuihong Fan
Mathematical Analysis IIrequired courseJue Huang
Mathematical Analysis IIcommon courseJue Huang, Fumin Jiang
Principles of Economicsrequired courseXia Li
Linear Algebra IIcommon courseChunqi Li
Financial Econometrics△field courseChunqi Li
Principles of Economicsrequired courseYaohua Li
Modern Finance: Theory and Applicationselective courseDan Liang
Microeconomicsrequired courseLiguo Lin
Principles of Economicsrequired courseFeng Liu, Guoqiang Lou
Political Economy IIrequired courseYan Ma
Political Economy II★required coursePeihua Mao
Probability Theoryfield courseDesheng Ouyang
Principles of Economicsrequired courseXinyu Qi
Principles of Political Economy IIcore courseXinyu Qi
Microeconomicsrequired courseLianyuan Qian
Intermediate Macroeconomicscore courseLing Shen
Political Economyrequired courseZhiyi Shen
Political Economy IIrequired courseLin Sun
Political Economy II★required courseLin Sun
Economic Historyfield courseLin SunXuncheng DuYaohua LiGuohai Yan
Mathematical Analysis IIcommon courseDaohan Qin
Economic Thought and Methodscore course
Advanced Microeconomicselective courseShanlin Wu
Principles of Political Economy IIrequired courseZhuang Wu
Advanced Microeconomicselective courseJijun Xia
Political Economy IIrequired courseGuohai Yan
Political Economy II★required courseGuohai Yan
International Comparison of Industrial Policyelective courseGe Yang
Microeconomicsrequired courseGe Yang
Functional Analysiscore courseShihai Yang
Microeconomicsrequired courseLan YaoZhengmao Ye
Intermediate Microeconomicsrequired courseBei Zhang
Intermediate Microeconomicscore courseBei Zhang
Human Resource Managementfield courseDeyuan Zhang
Microeconomicsrequired courseDeyuan Zhang
Financial Econometrics△field courseMingheng Zhang
Political Economy IIrequired courseQinyue Zhang
Principles of Political Economy IIrequired courseQinyue Zhang
Game Theory and Information Economicselective courseWenzhang Zhang
Advanced Microeconomicselective courseShan Zhao
Intermediate Microeconomicsrequired courseHongjun Zhong
Microeconomicsrequired courseTak Wai Chau