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Message from the Dean

The School of Economics at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) is nationally renowned for its dedication to excellence in both teaching and research. Our School offers B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degree programs in economics with about 700 undergraduate and 300 graduate students in its four departments of Economics, Economic History, Political Economy and Quantitative Economics. We also offer courses for students from other schools at SUFE.

Our School ranks at the top among all mainland Chinese economics programs in terms of the number of publications in the SSCI (Social Science Citation Index) economics journals. Our discipline of Theoretical Economics is selected into the Shanghai Peak (Gaofeng) Academic Discipline Project. According to the statistics from the latest Worldwide Economics Schools Research Ranking based on research contribution released by Tilburg University, for the years 2012-2017, SUFE has ranked 1st among all the universities in the Greater China region (including China's Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan), 2nd in Asia and 54th worldwide. We have top quality faculty members, of whom about 50 have received their doctoral degree in economics from top North American universities. We plan to hire 20 more faculty members from overseas, promoting SUFE's further advancement into the international academic community.

Our School has undertaken a comprehensive reform on economic education and research known as the Economics Innovation Platform, the first such special grant ever awarded to a university by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. The reform aims to build our school into a leading institution for economic education and research in China, and in eight to ten years, an internationally renowned economics institution.

Dean of School of Economics