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      Our undergraduate program provides the major of Economics leading to the degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or to the degree Bachelor of Science (B.S.). The B.S. degree has the stronger quantitative component necessary for graduate work in economics and for a career in economics with government agencies and businesses. The B.A. degree is somewhat broader and provides more flexibility in an undergraduate program.

      The School of Economics also offers double majors in Economics and Mathematics. It selects 25 outstanding freshmen to pursue double majors each year. 

      The course of calculus at undergraduate level is replaced by mathematical analysis in order for students to have a solid mathematics background. The minor degree in mathematics is designed for students who want to get a solid training in economics and mathematics and to study abroad in top economics departments or business schools in North America. 

      A significant proportion of the SOE students go on to pursue advanced degrees in top universities both of China and overseas.