Institute for Advanced Research

The Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), founded in July 2006 by the School of Economics as an integral component of Economics Innovation Platform, is aimed at becoming a leading research institute on current economic and social issues in China and a think tank for government policymakers. The academic board of directors consists of domestically and internationally known scholars, including Nobel Prize winner Daniel McFadden.
    The IAR has successfully established a research platform to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations. It has a broad connection with other institutes such as the National Bureau of Statistics of China and the Development Research Center of the State Council. The IAR has established a number of research centers, including China Center for Macroeconomic ResearchCenter for the Study of Social Development and StabilityCenter for Migration and Labor Market ResearchCenter for Mechanism Design and Economics of InformationSurvey Research CenterCenter for Educational Reform and Development in ChinaCenter for Environment and Natural Resources StudiesCenter for China Agricultural DevelopmentCenter for Health Economics,Public Policy Evaluation CenterCenter for Studies on China's Intermediate and Long-term DevelopmentBio-Economics and Decision Making Center and Postdoctoral Center