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Graduate Courses
Fall Term 2018

Course CodeCourse NameInstructor(s)
310007SAS System and Data Analysis MethodGenxiang Shen
310063Advanced EconometricsMingheng Zhang
310001Marxist Economic TheoryYuchang He
310066Advanced MicroeconomicsSimin He
211230Advanced Microeconomics IQianfeng Tang
310061Advanced MacroeconomicsYonggang Hu
211231Advanced Econometrics IHanghui Zhang
210012Economics and MathematicsLei Qiao
211232Advanced Macroeconomics IYouzhi Yang
211448Studies in History of Chinese Economic Thought (Ancient and Modern Times)Lin Cheng
212368Social Practice
213405China′s Macroeconomic Analysis and ForecastMei Zhu
212553Derivative Securities and Financial EngineeringQiang Chen
212299Fixed Earnings Security and Rate ModelChenglong Xu
250353Academic Lectures and Seminars
212297Corporate Finance and GovernanceYuqin Wang
212298Econometric Softwares and ProgrammingLiwen Zhang
310298Advanced Macroeconomics IIRongsheng Tang
310786Selected Readings in Economic History LiteratureHongzhong Yan
310598Studies in History of Chinese Economic ThoughtLin Cheng
310219Studies in History of Foreign Economic Theory
211450Chinese Economic History IHongzhong Yan
310359Marx′s Capital IIIYan Ma
310999Comprehensive Exam
310308Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics IHuaxia Zeng
310300Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics IJohn Harold Rogers
310347Micro Econometrics IJi Tao
310299Advanced Macroeconomics IIIZhe Li
310293Industrial Organization Theory IShuguang Zhu
211768Population, Resource and Environmental Economics IWangyang Lai
310307Advanced Microeconomics IIISambuddha Ghosh
310344Experimental Economics ILan Yao
310332Labor Economics I
310304Advanced Econometrics IIIDongming Zhu
310324Financial Econometrics IYanping Yi
211453Marx′s Capital IIYan Ma
310310Advanced Political Economics IYan Ma
220003MicroeconomicsDeyuan Zhang, Biligbaatar Tumendemberel
211440Intermediate Political EconomicsQinyue Zhang
310999Comprehensive Exam
310305Advanced Microeconomics ICuihong Fan
212105Advanced MicroeconomicsMan Wah Cheung
212107Advanced EconometricsJian Zhou
210012Economics and MathematicsQianfeng Tang
212105Advanced MicroeconomicsMan Wah Cheung
210403EconometricsXin Jin
211232Advanced Macroeconomics IDaqing Luo
211231Advanced Econometrics I
310063Advanced EconometricsChunqi Li
310066Advanced MicroeconomicsSimin He
210001Socialist Economic TheoryBo Chen
210011EconometricsKai Yang
210004Intermediate Western EconomicsLiguo Lin
210223Advanced Mathematical StatisticsChao Yang
211230Advanced Microeconomics ICuihong Fan
212107Advanced EconometricsHanghui Zhang
212105Advanced MicroeconomicsXiang Han
250353Academic Lectures and Seminars
210437Financial EconomicsQiang Chen
211466Financial Econometrics IGenxiang Shen
310063Advanced EconometricsDongming Zhu
310066Advanced MicroeconomicsXiang Han
250252Socialist Economic TheoryPeihua Mao
210001Socialist Economic TheoryLin Sun
213404Financial Theories and Policies