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Graduate Courses
Spring Term 2019

Course CodeCourse NameInstructor(s)
310351Applied Economics I
211360Advanced Macroeconomics II
211234Advanced Microeconomics II
310309Topics in Advanced Microeconomics II
310784Topics in Economics HistoryMingkong Wei
310345Experimental Economics II
310348Micro Econometrics II
310325Financial Econometrics II
310378Advanced Political Economy IIYan Ma
310599Comparative Studies of History of Chinese and Foreign Economic Thought
213597Data, Models and Decisions (Operations Research)Liwen Zhang
310306Advanced Microeconomics IIBingyong Zheng
310303Advanced Econometrics IICong Li
211451Economic History of China IIHongzhong Yan
211441Intermediate Political Economy IIYan Ma
211439Advanced Econometrics IIZhengyu Zhang
310591General History of ChinaGuohai Yan
310886International Economics IINing Fu
310790Selected Readings in Labor EconomicsXuebo Wang
310352Applied Economics IIYan Zhang
211468Financial Econometrics IIQiang Chen
212997Big Data Analysis MethodHanghui Zhang
310306Advanced Microeconomics IIBingyong Zheng
310303Advanced Econometrics IICong Li
211471Financial Risk Control and AnalysisMingheng Zhang
310063Advanced EconometricsJian Zhou
310063Advanced EconometricsYan Sun
310359Marx's Capital IIIYan Ma
211769Population Resources and Environmental Economics IIWangyang Lai
310885International Economics IJingyi Zhang
310007SAS System and Data Analysis MethodGenxiang Shen
210735Stochastic Differential EquationMingheng Zhang
211872Analysis on China's Economy Bo Chen
310061Advanced MacroeconomicsDaqing Luo
310061Advanced MacroeconomicsYonggang Hu
211233Marx's Capital IPeihua Mao
310560Foreign Economic HistoryLin Sun
310294Industrial Organization Theory IIShuguang Zhu
310276Topics in Chinese & Foreign Market Economy TheoryYuchang He
213593MacroeconomicsQian Li
310061Advanced MacroeconomicsYang Yu
213403Application of Econometric Softwares to Problems in FinanceGenxiang Shen
212106Advanced MacroeconomicsYang Yu
213597Data, Models and Decisions (Operations Research)Liwen Zhang
310298Advanced Macroeconomics IILei Ning
310063Advanced EconometricsChunqi Li
212155Advanced Applied Econometrics
211449Studies in History of Chinese Economic Thought (Modern Times)Xudong Chen
310789Selected Readings in Macroeconomics LiteratureZhe Li
310788Selected Readings in Microeconomics LiteratureXian Li
213119Urban EconomicsNathan Schiff
213404Financial Theory and PolicyJingyi Zhang
211234Advanced Microeconomics IIMan-Wah Cheung
212106Advanced MacroeconomicsLei Ning
310301Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics IIGuan Gong
310334Labor Economics IICheng Chen
310787Selected Readings in Econometrics LiteratureYahong Zhou
211452Studies in History of Modern Economic Theory of ChinaFang Wang
220004MacroeconomicsDeyuan Zhang