Shanghai University of Finance & Economics

Under the direction of the Ministry of Education, SUFE is one of the leading universities in China that attracts bright students from all over the country and has faculty members who are well achieved scholars of their fields. 

The University has 3 main campuses with a total area of 339,781.62 m2. Currently it has 1000 faculty members (among whom there are over 400 professors and associate professors), 8000 undergraduate students, 6000 full-time graduate students and 1000 international students. The university offers a wide range of areas of study by its various schools, including accounting, business administration, finance, economics, law, humanities, etc. 

SUFE is undergoing rapid changes and expansions and aims to become a vibrant and active force in education, research, cultural exchange and development in the international community. In recent years, the university has hired over 180 permanent faculty members with PhD from U.S., Canada and European universities, including Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford, etc. This group is the best in China.

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