The Institute for Advanced Research (IAR) of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, established in July 2006, is a comprehensive intra-system academic and policy research institute and principal component of SUFE Economics Innovation Platform program. 

The aims of IAR is to establish a platform with high starting point to solicit domestic and foreign research forces by way of projects, to undertake influential research projects, to produce high level research achievements and to promote academic exchange. Moreover, it will further its research on critical and hot issue over China's economic system transformation and economic reform by using internationally advanced theories and thus contribute to the solutions to the practical problems faced by China in its reform and transformation as well as to the development of modern economic theory. In recent years, the IAR has submitted dozens of policy reports to relative central and local authorities, of which many reports have been admitted and advised by the government departments including Central Organization Department, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, as well as Shanghai municipal government. 

The innovative research team currently consists of 20-plus members, most of whom have got their Ph.D. Degree from world-renowned universities. The team also gathers a number of academic leaders and experts from other schools at SUFE. With the joining of more overseas talents and the enhanced integration of intra-SUFE resources, the innovative research team will be elevated to a new height.  

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