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Spring Term 2022

Title:L1-penalized Pairwise Difference Estimation for a High-dimensional Censored Regression Model

Speaker:Zhewen Pan (Associate researcher, Zhongshan University)

Time:March 1, Tuesday, 09:30-11:00


 ID:88593206613, Code: 580002


Title:International Spillover, Domestic Fundamentals and Option Pricing

Speaker:Zhiyuan Pan (Professor, Southwestern University Of Finance And Economics)

Time: March 14, Monday, 09:30-11:00


 ID: 890 557 33286, Code: 688314


Title:Labor Participation, Wage Income Inequality, and Heterogeneous Welfare Gains from Trade

Speaker:Yifan Chen (Assistant Professor, University of Kaohsiung)

Time:March 23, Wednesday, 13:00-14:30


 ID: 83584582367,Code: 760097


Title:The Influence of Investors' Early Experiences on Their Behavior

Speaker:Xiong Xiong (Professor, Tianjin University)

Time:April 26, Tuesday, 09:00-10:30


 ID: 82743991557,Code: 525043