Danyan ZHA


Assistant Professor
Family Economics, Development Economics and Matching
(Ph.D., Columbia University, 2019)

Office Address:
305, School of Economics
111 Wuchuan Rd

Contact Information:
Telephone: +86-21-6590 2765
Email: zhadanyan@mail.shufe.edu.cn, danyanzha@gmail.com

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Working papers
Work in progress


Dr. Danyan Zha received her Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University in 2019. Her research fields are applied microeconomics, family economics and development economic. In her research, she combines matching theories and empirical methods to understand issues in gender economics and development economics.

Ph.D.   Economics, Columbia University, New York, 2019
M.A.    Economics, University of Maryland, College Park, 2013
B.A.     Economics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2011

Working papers

  1. 'Schooling Expansion and the Female Marriage Age: Evidence from Indonesia' (Job Market Paper)

  2. 'Multidimensional Matching: Hukou status in the Marriage Market'

Work in progress

  1. 'The Hong Kong Marriage Market in the Past Two Decades', with So Yoon Ahn and Edoardo Ciscato

  2. 'Gender In-Group Bias: Evidence from Judicial Documents', with Feng Guo, Jing Li, Mingming Ma

  3. 'Gender Norm, Labor Supply and the Marriage Market'

  4. 'An Axiomatic Approach to Arbitration and Its Applications in Bargaining Games', The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (Contributions), 2012 (12), Article 28.

  5. 'What I Missed: Marriage Outcomes of Sent-Down Youth in China”, with Lu Liu

  6. 'The Hong Kong Marriage Market in the Past Three Decades', with So Yoon Ahn and Edoardo Ciscato


Journal of Human Resources, Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Comparative Economics.