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Associate Professor Gaoji Hu Paper Accepted for Publication in American Economic Journal - Microeconomics


Associate Professor Gaoji Hu has his paper accepted for publication by American Economic Journal - Microeconomics, a first-tier journal as listed by SUFE. The paper entitled “A Theory of Stability in Matching with Incomplete Information” was co-authored with Dr. Yi-Chun Chen.


We provide a framework for studying two-sided matching markets with incomplete information. The framework accommodates two-sided incomplete information as well as heterogeneous information among the agents. We propose a notion called stability for a market state, which, based upon agents' information structure, requires (i) individual rationality, (ii) no blocking and (iii) information stability. The novelty of our stability notion lies in how the agents evaluate a blocking prospect, in the presence of general two-sided incomplete information. We show that a stable state exists; moreover, if a state is stable, then coarsening agents' information leads to another stable state.

Associate Professor Gaoji Hu joined the SOE as a tenure-track faculty member in 2019. He holds a PhD in economics from National University of Singapore and his primary area of research is microeconomic theory including, but not restricted to, market design/matching, mechanism design, economic theory. He has also ever published papers on other international journals, like Theoretical Economics, Games and Economic Behavior.