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2021 Warwick-SUFE Workshop Held Online


The 2021 Warwick-SUFE Workshop was held online from Dec. 9-10, 2021. The workshop was co-sponsored by School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and University of Warwick with the theme of China’s economic issues. Prof. Yahong Zhou, Dean of School of Economics of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, and Prof. Jeremy Smith, Head of the Department of Economics of University of Warwick, delivered opening speeches respectively. 

The workshop consisted of four sessions, and there were three reports in each session. Prof. Zhenxing Huang from SOE of SUFE, Associate Prof. Clement Imbert, Associate Prof. Mingli Chen and Assistant Prof. Ao Wang from University of Warwick hosted the four sessions respectively.



There were six guest speakers from each side invited to talk about their latest researches, including Prof. Bishnupriya Gupta, Prof. Dennis Novy, Prof. Eric Renault, Associate Prof. Clément Imbert, Assistant Prof. Kenichi Nagasawa, Assistant Prof. Ao Wang from University of Warwick and Prof. Yahong Zhou, Associate Prof. Simin He, Associate Prof. Chao Yang, Associate Prof. Xuebo Wang, Associate Prof. Gaoji Hu, Assistant Prof. Dong Yan from SUFE.





This was the first time for two sides to cooperate in workshop. It has built a sound platform for academic exchange and cooperation between two sides, and it will be a good beginning for our further cooperation.