Hongzhong YAN


Financial History, Business History, Social Organization and Economic Development
(Ph.D., Graduate School of Nankai University, 2006)

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Dr. Hongzhong Yan is a full professor and doctoral advisor at the School of Economics of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He is currently executive director of China Economic History Society(CEHS), deputy director of the professional committee of modern history of CEHS, New Century Outstanding Talent of Ministry of Education and chief expert of major projects of National Social Science Fund. He graduated from the School of Economics of Nankai University in 2006 with a Ph.D. in Economics; engaged in theoretical economics postdoctoral research in Peking University from 2008 to 2010; furthered his research in Stanford University as a visiting scholar in the year 2014(February to August). In recent years, he presided over 10 projects, such as National Social Science Fund, general and post Financing Project of National Social Science Fund, National Scientific Research Project of Qingshi(code.chi.business.merchant), Ministry of Education Social Science Fund and Postdoctoral Science Foundation. As to his publication achievements, Professor Yan published over 60 papers in core journals domestically and internationally, including 'Economic Research Journal', 'Journal of History Research', China Economic Quarterly, Journal of Financial Research, “Modern Chinese History Studies', Frontiers of History in China, Research of Chinese Economic History, Research of Chinese Social and Economic History, and monographs such as Monetary and Financial Systems of China from 1600 to 1949, Jin Merchants and Modern Economy, Comparisons of Jin and Hui Merchants in Ming and Qing Dynasties(co-authored), A Research on World Market Price Fluctuation and Modern China's Industrial Structure Model(co-authored), etc. With his research achievements, he has obtained honorable awards, including 4 First Prizes and 1 Second Prizes of Provincial Social Science Research Outstanding Achievements, 2 First Prizes of Provincial Teaching Achievements, and 2 Third Awards for Outstanding University Scientific Research Achievements by the Ministry of Education. Besides, his footprint covered Holland, South Africa, Japan and the USA to attend the World Economic History Congress and American Business History Annual Convention. 

Working Experience

Jul. 2003 ~ Dec. 2006, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Master Advisor, School of Economics and Management, Shanxi University 

Jan. 2007 ~ Sep. 2011, Associate Professor, Master Advisor, Deputy Director of Shanxi Merchants Institute, Shanxi University

Oct. 2011 ~ Dec. 2012, Professor, PhD Advisor, Deputy Director of Shanxi Merchants Institute, Shanxi University

Nov. 2007 ~ Nov. 2010, Postdoctoral Researcher in Theoretical Economics, School of Economics, Peking University

Jan. 2013 ~ present, Professor, PhD Advisor, School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 



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Academic Textbooks:

1. China Economic History (co-authored, Member of the Editorial Board and one of key authors), Higher Education Press, 2019. The book is one of the focus textbooks for Marxist theoretical research and construction project. 

2.China Economic History(co-edited), Higher Education Press, Beijing, 2008.

Main Project

1. Major Project of National Social Science Fund, “Research on the Development and Operation of the Financial Market of Modern China”(16ZDA133)
2. The National Social Science Fund, 'Research on the Modern Sino-Japanese Currency War(1906-1945)'(13BJL019).
3. New era supporting plan of talent'government debt、financial development and long term economic growth research: from the perspective of history comparison ' (NCET -13-0894)
4.the National Social Science Fund,'Monetary and Financial Systems of China ---A Study on  Economic Performance and Modernization'(10FJL001).
5. The  national major scientific research project of 'QingShi engineering' Code-chi· Business·  merchant)(200810120203001).
6. Ministry  of Education Social Science Fund' ,The financial system and development in  modern times' (07JA790003).
7. Postdoctoral  scientific fund' Financial market development and the study of early modern  Chinese economy'(20080430277).
8. Postdoctoral scientific fund special funding',  Monetary and Financial Systems of China from 1600 to 1949.'(200902017).

Academic Conferences

1. The 15th World Economic History Congress 2009 in Utrecht University of Holland.

2. The 16th World Economic History Congress Stellenbosch South Africa.

3. The 17th World Economic History Congress, 2015, Kyoto, Japan.

4. Summer Workshop of Economic History and Economic Development, 2015, Stanford University

5. The 18th World Economic History Congress, 2018, Boston, USA.

Currently Teaching

Economic History of China I, Economic History of China II, Economic History of China, Shanxi Merchants Culture and Management, Financial History of China