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Dr. Gaoji Hu Publish Paper in the Games and Economic Behavior


Dr. Gaoji Hu recently had a paper published in the Games and Economic Behavior, a tier-one journal in SUFE list. The paper, titled “The revealed preference theory of stable matchings with one-sided preferences”, was coauthored with Dr. Jiangtao Li from School of Economics, Singapore Management University and Dr. Rui Tang from Department of Economics, Princeton University.


We investigate the testable implications of the theory of stable matchings in two-sided matching markets with one-sided preferences. Our main result connects the revealed preference analysis to the well-known lattice structure of the set of stable matchings, and tests the rationalizability of a data set by analyzing the joins and meets of matchings.

Associate Professor Gaoji Hu joined the SOE as a tenure-track faculty member in 2019. He holds a PhD in economics from National University of Singapore and his primary area of research is market design/matching, mechanism design and microeconomic theory. This year, another paper he co-authored, titled “Learning by matching”, was accepted for publication in the Theoretical Economics, and he has been awarded a grant by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.