Ning FU


Assistant Research Fellow
Health Economics, Policy Analytics, Medical Insurance, Social Security, Applied Economics, Labor Economics, Econometrics
(Ph.D. Pardee RAND Graduate School, 2015)

Office Address:
517, School of Economics
111 Wuchuan Rd

Contact Information:
Telephone: 65903211
Working Papers


Assistant Research Professor, School of Economics, 12/2019 - Present
Assistant Research Professor, Institution of Advanced Research, 06/2018 - 12/2019
Post-doctoral Associate Researcher, University of Southern California, 04/2017 - 04/2018
Senior Economist Consultant, Econ One Research, 05/2016 - 02/2017

Pardee RAND Graduate School, Ph.D of Policy Analysis, 2015
University of Southern California, M.S of Public Policy, 2007
Beijing Institute of Technology, B.S of Marketing, 2004


  1. Dissertation: 'Once A Cure; Second A Waste. Examing Hospital Readmission Rates of the Commercially Insured Under 65 Population' Dissertation, RAND Publication 2015

  2. 'Safety of probiotics used to reduce risk and prevent or treat disease.' with Hempel, S., Newberry, S., Ruelaz, A., Wang, Z., Miles, J. N., Suttorp, M. J., Johnsen, B., Shanman, R., Slusser, W., Smith, A., Roth, B., Polak, J., Motala, A., Perry, T., … Shekelle, P. G. (2011). Evidence Report/Technology Assessment, (200), 1-645.

  3. 'A systematic review of modifiable risk factors in the progression of multiple sclerosis.' with Hempel, S., Graham, G. D., Estrada, E., Chen, A. Y., Miake-Lye, I., … Wallin, M. T. (2017). Multiple Sclerosis Journal,23(4), 525–533.

  4. 'A systematic review of the effects of modifiable risk factor interventions on the progression of multiple sclerosis.' withHempel, S., Graham, G. D., Estrada, E., Chen, A. Y., Miake-Lye, I., … Wallin, M. T. (2017).Multiple Sclerosis Journal,23(4), 513–524.

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  6. “2018 China Macroeconomics Analysis and Outlook ”. Research Team at the Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). Accessed on December 29, 2018,

Working Papers

  1. 'The Impact of Medicare Part D on Social Security Disability Insurance Beneficiaries.
    'Chandra, Amitabh, Ning Fu, and Seth A. Seabury. No. odrc17-12. National Bureau of Economic Research, 2017.

  2. 'Welfare Analysis of Individual Income Tax Deduction For Medical Expense' with Qian Li

  3. 'China's Health Reform and Disparities In Healthcare Utilization And Costs' with Henv Zhao

  4. 'Optimal Government Intervention In Health Sector' with Qian Li