Yaohua LI


Associate Professor
Economic History, Social Welfare, Financing of SMEs
(Ph.D., Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2006)

Office Address:
215, School of Economics
111 Wuchuan Rd

Contact Information:
Telephone: +86-21-65902564
Email: liyaohua@mail.shufe.edu.cn
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Research Awards
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  Associate Professor, School of Economics,  Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, July 2014~Present
  Lecturer, School of Economics, Shanghai  University of Finance and Economics, June 2006~ June 2014
  Research Fellow, School of Finance,  Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, July 2014~Present
  Visiting Scholar, School of Social Welfare,  University of California, Berkeley, August 2012~February 2013
  Assistant of Director, Financial Service  Office of Shanghai Municipal Yangpu District,March 2011~ March 2012

  2003~2006    PH.D. in Economics             Shanghai   University of Finance and Economics, China
  1999~2002    M.A. in Business  Administration    Henan University  of Economics and Law, China
  1995~1999    B.A. in Business Administration    Henan University of Economics and Law, China

Research Awards
  1. Research Grant 'The Evaluation Model and Implementation Plan on Pledge of stock rights  for enterprises on The New Third Board( an Over-the-Counter Market for Growth  Enterprises)' awarded by the Center for Small Enterprise Financing Studies (CSFS)  of SHUFE, 2013, Amount: 40,000 CNYs, Finished.

  2. Research Grant 'Institutional Research on Modern Chinese Social Insurance' awarded  by the Chinese National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, 2011, Amount:  150,000 CNYs.

  3. Research Grant 'The Innovation Model of Structural Debt Financing for SMEs (Small and  medium enterprises)——Based on the cases of Shanghai Municipal  YangPu District's Financing Service Office' awarded  by the Center for Small Enterprise Financing Studies (CSFS) of SHUFE, 2011, Amount:  40,000 CNYs, Finished.

  4. Research Grant 'The Compare of Modern Chinese Occupational Pension's Volunteer Model  with Compulsive Model' awarded by the Special Research Foundation for  Selection and Cultivation Excellence Young Teachers in Shanghai Colleges and Universities,  2007, Amount: 20,000 CNYs, Finished.



The History  of China's Insurance Industry and the Research on the Performance, Property Right of Knowledge Press 2011

Chapters in Books

  1. 'The Emergence of Modern Commerce After Opium  War'& 'The Compare of Chinese Westernization Drive and Japanese Reform of Shogunate  and Vassal' in Xuncheng Du (eds.) Essentials  of Modern Chinese Economic History, Shanghai University of Finance and  Economics Press 2011

  2. 'The Improvement on Investment Efficiency  of Chinese Insurance industry' in Zongjian Li (eds.) Way of Investment, China Market Press 2006

Translation (from English TO Chinese)

'Lobby' Special Interest Politics, by Gene M. Grossman and Elhanan Helpman.  Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press 2009

Publication IN Journals

  1. ' The Structure Model Innovation on  Middle and Small Business' Debt Financing: Case Study on Yangpu District of  Shanghai Municipal's Practice' Financial  Theory & Practice Vol. 421, No.8, pp26-30, 2014.

  2. 'Modern China's Social Insurance:  Employee Compulsory Savings' China Finance,  Accepted, forthcoming

  3. 'Is the Peer Supervision in Middle and  Small Business' Group Lending Efficient? : Statistical Test on Shanghai's Steel  Trade Industry ' Hainan Finance Vol.308,  No.7, pp4-9, 2014

  4. 'Confucian Culture and Social Insurance:  A Case of Employee Compulsory Savings in Modern China ' Journal of Finance and Economics Vol.39, No.9, pp47-58, 2013

  5. 'A Seesaw From 'A Life-saving Straw' to 'Financial  Contagion: the Analysis of Case Study and Evolutionary Game on Small Business'  Group Lending' (with Wei Guowang) Finance  & Trade Economics Vol.379, No.6, pp62-74, 2013

  6. 'Morden Chinese Voluntary Employee Saving:  Financing or Scientific Management?' Researches  in Chinese Economic History Vol.111, No.3, pp114-123, 2013

  7. ' Supervision Advices on Financial  Guarantee Companies Involving in Private Lending' Hainan Finance Vol.279, No.2, pp53-57, 2012

  8. 'Innovation, Selection and Diffusion of  Occupational Pension in Modern China' Journal  of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Vol.13, No.3, pp.11-18, 2011

  9. 'Lack of Patent in Insurance Industry Is  A Kind of Protection, or Shackle?' Finance and Economy No.3, pp.73-77, 2011

  10. 'Policy Research on replying the people's  livelihood good manipulation' (with Jun Wu) Price:  Theory & Practice No.6, pp.69-70, 2011

  11. 'The Strategic Analysis on Commodity Investment  Based on Money flow' HaiNan Finance No.9, pp.58-61 ,2011

  12. 'Thinking About Subsidiary Capital  Complement On Chinese Banking Industry'(with Jun Wu) Productivity Research No.10, pp.55-56, 2008

  13. 'Property, Quantity and Function of  Shanghai Native Order in Shanghai History' Journal  of Finance and Economics Vol.31, No.2, pp98-109, 2005

  14. 'Occupational Pension: From Inner to  Effective' China Social Security No.5, p61-62, 2005

Working Papers

  1. 'How to Build the Debt Financing on  Middle and Small Business——Based on the Study of 'Structure' finance product in Shanghai', 2014

  2. 'Modern Chinese Labor Market : More and  More Socialization——Based on the Study of Shanghai's Labor Dispute in 1928-1936', 2014

  3. 'The Evolutionary Research on  Occupational Pension System in Modern Chinese Tobacco Industry', 2014.


Principles of Economics; Essence of Modern China's Economic History; Managerial Economics