Dawen MENG


Contract Theory, Game Theory, Mathematical Economics, Industrial Organization Theory
(Ph.D., Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2009)

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107, School of Economics
111 Wuchuan Rd
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

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Telephone: +86-21-65902163

Email: devinmeng@126.com

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Selected Publications
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Associate Research Fellow Dawen Meng received his Ph.D. in 2009 from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He joined the School of Economics at Shanghai University of Finance & Economics in 2011. His areas of specialization include contract theory, game theory, mathematical economics and industrial organization theory.  

Selected Publications
  1. Dynamic mechanism design on social networks, Dawen Meng*, Lei Sun* and Guoqiang Tian, Game and Economic Behavior, 2022, Vol. 131, 84–120.

  2. The competitive and welfare effects of long-term contracts with network externalities and bounded rationality, Dawen Meng* and Guoqiang Tian, Economic Theory, 2021, Vol. 72, 337–375.

  3. 'Two-agent collusion proof implementation with arbitrage and correlations', (with Zhe Yang), Review of Economic Design, 2017.9 ,Vol. 21 ,177-229.

  4. 'On the existence of ideal Nash equilibria in discontinuous games with infinite criteria', (with Zhe Yang and Anqiang Wang), Operations Research Letters, Volume 45, Issue 4, July 2017, Pages 362-365

  5. 'Hadamard well-posedness of the α--core', (with Zhe Yang), Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Volume 452, Issue 2, 15 August 2017, Pages 957–969

  6. 'Multi-task Incentive Contract and Performance Measurement with Multidimensional Types', Games and Economic Behavior, 77 (2013) 377-404

  7. 'Nonlinear Pricing with Network Externalites'‚ (with Lei Sun)‚ Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5385, pp. 724–731, 2008. Springer-Verlag, ISSN 0302-9743

  8. 'Nonlinear Pricing with Arbitrage: On the Role of Correlation', Proceedings of Financial Engineering and Risk Management Annual International Symposium (2008)

Currently Teaching
Intermediate Microeconomics, Game Theory and Information Economics, International Trade