Zhengyu ZHANG


Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 2009)

Office Address
718, School of Economics
111 Wuchuan Rd

Contact Information:
Telephone:  +86-21-65903221
Email: zy.zhang@mail.shufe.edu.cn
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Professor  Zhengyu Zhang received his Ph.D. in 2009 from Shanghai University of Finance  and Economics. He joined the School   of Economics at SHUFE in  2013. His areas of specialization include micro-econometrics, nonparametric and  semi-parametric methods in econometrics. Before joining SHUFE, he has taught at  Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences(2009-2012).

Selected Publications

  1. Zhang Zhengyu and Jin Zequn, 2019, Identification and estimation in a linear correlated random coefficients model with censoring, Econometric Reviews, Volume 39, 2020 - Issue 2, Pages 196-213.

  2. Jing Guo and Zhang Zhengyu, 2019, Does renaming promote economic development? New evidence from a city-renaming reform experiment in China, China Economic Review, Volume 57, October 2019, 101344.

  3. Mu Beili and Zhang Zhengyu, 2018, Identification and estimation of a heteroscedastic binary choice model with endogenous dummy regressors, Econometrics Journal, 21. 218-246.

  4. Zhang Zhengyu, 2017, Local partitioned quantile regression, Econometric Theory, 33, 1081-1120.

  5. Zhang Zhengyu, 2016, Semiparametric estimation of partially linear transformation models under conditional quantile restriction, Econometric Theory, vol. 32, issue 02, pages 458-497.

  6. Zhang Zhengyu & Liu Bing, 2015, Identification and estimation of partially linear censored  regression models with unknown heteroscedasticity, Econometrics Journal, Volume 18, Issue 2, pages 242–273.

  7. Zhang Zhengyu, 2013,  Semiparametric estimation of a generalized threshold regression model under  conditional quantile restriction, Econometrics  Journal, Volume 16, Issue 2, pages 250–277.

  8. Zhang Zhengyu, 2013, A pairwise difference estimator for partially linear spatial autoregressive models, Spatial Economic Analysis, 8, 176-194.

  9. Zhang Zhengyu &  Zhu Pingfang, 2013, An alternative simple quantile regression estimator, Economics  Letters, 118, 163-166.

  10. Zhang Zhengyu &  Tao Ji, 2013, Estimation of spatial autoregressive models with boundary  specification problem, Economics Letters, 118, 130-134.

  11. Zhang Zhengyu, 2012,  Strategic interaction of capital structures: a spatial econometric approach, Pacific Basin  Finance Journal, 20, 707-722.

  12. Zhang Zhengyu &  He Xiaobo, 2012, Estimation of heteroscedastic binary choice model with an  endogenous dummy regressor, Economics Letters, 117,  753-757.

  13. Zhang Zhengyu &  Zhu Pingfang, 2010, A more efficient best three-stage least squares estimator  for spatial autoregressive models, Annals of Economics and Finance,  11, 153-182.

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