Xiaolei ZHAO


History of Economic Thought
(Ph.D., Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, 1992)

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777, School of Economics
111 Wuchuan Rd

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Professor Xiaolei ZHAO received his Ph.D. in 1992 from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He joined the School of Economics at Shanghai University of Finance & Economics in the 1990s. His areas of specialization include history of economic thought, regional economy and macroeconomic policies.

Selected Publications

Study on China's Industrialization Thought and Development  Strategy,  Shanghai Social Sciences Press, 1995

Modern Enterprises' Ownership: Theory and Practice, Shanghai University  of Finance and Economics Press, 1997

History of Economic Theory in the New China, Shanghai   University of Finance and  Economics Press, 1999

Modern Economic Theory of China (1949-2000), Shanghai People's Publishing  House, 2001

2003Development  Report of China's Regional Economy,  Shanghai University of Finance and Economics  Press, 2004

2004 Development Report on Economy and Management  of Shanghai, Shanghai   University of Finance and  Economics Press, 2004

'Analysis of Expanding  Domestic Demands and Effects of Financial and Monetary Policies', Qiushi Journal, 2002, Vol.1.

'An Outline  of History of China's Modern Economic Theory', Study of Chinese Contemporary History, 2002, Vol.2.

'Study on China's Economic  Theory Development after Reform and Opening-up to be Emphasized', Studies on Mao-Zedong and Deng-Xiaoping Theories, 2002, Vol.3.

'China's  Capital Formation and Monetary Policy Effect', Management World, 2003, Vol.9.

      'Study on Contribution and Relativity of Three Demand Factors  in Shanghai's  GDP', Journal of Finance and Economics,  2004, Vol.1.      

Currently Teaching