Professor (with Tenure)
Behavioral Economics
(Ph.D., Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, 2008)

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715, School of Economics
111 Wuchuan Rd
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

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Telephone: +86-21-65902965
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Professor Lan YAO received her Ph.D. in 2008 from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. She joined the School of Economics at Shanghai University of Finance & Economics in 2008. Her areas of specialization include behavioral economics, experimental economics, industrial organization and applied microeconomics.

Selected Publications
  1. Pregame Resource Exchange in Overcoming Coordination Dilemma: An Experimental Study (with Xun Zhu), Economic Research Journal (in Chinese), 2020, Issue 3, pp. 163-179.

  2. Reference Dependent Preference and Labor Supply: Evidence from China (with Guanfu Fang and Guanliang Hu), Frontiers of Economics in China, 2019, 14(2), 264-301.

  3. Testing Ambiguity Theories with a Mean-preserving Design.(with Chun-lei Yang), Quantitative Economics, 2017,8(1),219-238.

  4. An Empirical Analysis of Policy on Labor Supply in China from a Dynamic Perspective based on the Case of Taxi Drivers in Hangzhou (with Guanfu Fang), Journal of Finance and Economics, 2016, 42(11), 94-105.

  5. Promise-Keeping, Social Distance, And Anonymity: An Experimental Investigation. (With Bram Cadsby, Ninghua Du and Fei Song), Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 2015, 57, 120-133.

  6. Do Markets erode social responsibility? (with Bjorn Bartling, Roberto Weber), Quarterly Journal of Economics, 130(1), 2015, 219-266.

  7. Promises in Contract Design (with Ninghua Du, Charness Gary, and Chun-lei Yang). European Economic Review, 64, 2013, 194-208.

  8. Inspections and Information Disclosure: Quality Regulations with Incomplete Enforcement, (with Liguo Lin), Frontier Economics of China, 2014, 9(2): 240-260.

Working Papers
  1. Public Discourse and Socially Responsible Market Behavior.pdf Public Discourse and Socially Responsible Market Behavior, (With Bjorn Bartling, Vanessa Valero, Roberto Weber)

  2. Coordination in the presence of background uncertainty(with Anthony M. Kwasnica and Roberto Weber).

  3. Ambiguous Information and Market Entry: An Experimental Study (with Jordi Brandts).

  4. Option with uncertain payoffs. (With Jianjun Miao, Xiaolan Yang)

Honors and Awards
  1. 2020,Second Prize of Higher Education Institution of China – Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Philosophy and Social Science) .

  2. 2018-2021,“Empirical Analysis and Experimental Research on Labor Supply Decision of China's Taxi Industry”, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), No. 71803115.

  3. 2011,Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program.

Currently Teaching
Experimental Economics I