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Haze, Air Pollution and Cardiorespiratory Mortality inChina (No.C2015001)


Liguo Lin, Heng Wang, Maigeng Zhou, Shiwei Liu
June 2014

Abstract: Based on 2004-2012 Death Surveillance Points (DSP) weekly reported data, daily meteorological data and daily air pollution index data, we adopt fixed effect estimation model with instrument variable tool to estimate the impact of air pollution on the cardiorespiratory mortality in China. We estimate that deteriorations of both 30 days' average haze and air quality grades by a single grade (both on a five-grade scale) increases 262.4 and 373.6 deaths (per 10 million people) during the coming week due tothe cardiorespiratory disease respectively. For the people with more than 60 years' old, the death numbers climb to 2936.3 and 3268 (per 10 million people) respectively. For the infant less than 1 year old, the impact is instant, for instance, a deterioration of a week's average haze by a single grade leads to additional 281 deaths at that week.

Keywords: Haze, Air Pollution, Cardiorespiratory Mortality
JELcode: C23, I15, Q51

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