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Opening Ceremony of 2019 Summer Schools Held at SOE


On July 2, the opening ceremony of 2019 Summer Schools of SOE, including the 11th “Modern Economics” Graduate Students Summer Training Program and the 13th “Modern Economics” Young Faculty Training Program, was held at the Entrepreneurship Center of SUFE.  Attending the opening ceremony were Prof. Guoqiang Tian, Dean of SOE and IAR, Prof. Yongkang Xie, Associate Dean of Graduate School, Prof. Jinxiong Chang, Associate Dean of SOE, Prof. Yan Sun, Associate Dean of SOE, and Xiaoqian Jin, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee of SOE. The opening ceremony was chaired by Assistant to Dean of SOE, Prof. Peihua Mao.

A total of 228 students from 99 universities and colleges applied for this year’s Graduate Students Summer Training Program and 124 students were admitted, including 76 students and 48 attendees from 50 universities and research institutes throughout the country. A total of 64 young teachers from 51 universities and research institutes applied for the Young Faculty Training Program, and 63 of them were enrolled.

Professor Yongkang Xie extended a warm welcome to the participants on behalf of the Graduate School and a sincere gratitude to the long-term support of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Office of Academic Degrees Committee. Then he shared the good news that Economics & Business disciplines and the Social Sciences in general of SUFE have made the breakthrough of ranking among the world’s top 1% disciplines for the first time. Besides affirming the achievements of the economics discipline of SUFE, he also praised the SOE for continuing the educational reform for more than 10 years, and sharing the reform dividend, achievements and resources with the society. At the end of his speech, he hoped that all participants can benefit from the program, and play a part in the construction of modern economics.

Professor Guoqiang Tian, Dean of SOE & IAR, also expressed a sincere welcome to all the participating teachers and students on behalf of SOE. In his speech, he briefly recalled the development history and background of the Summer Programs, emphasizing that the future international competition is about resources, talents, institution, technology and discourse power, especially institution and talents. He held that if China wants to establish and develop a modern economic system, it must cultivate a large batch of high-level economic talents. He also hoped that every participant have long-term aspirations and visions, maintain faith in the study and research of economics, and become an economist who is needed by the time and can solve the real problems of China. After the opening ceremony, Dean Tian gave a lecture entitled “The Nature of Modern Economics and Its Important Role in China’s Reform”.

Yueheng Tang from Xi'an Jiaotong University gave a talk on behalf of students in this year’s Graduate Student Summer Training Program and Jun Yin from National School of Development, Peking University spoke on behalf of faculty members enrolled in Young Faculty Training Program.

In the following month, all participants in the summer programs will take courses set for the doctoral students of the SOE, including: advanced macroeconomics, advanced microeconomics, advanced econometrics, economic mathematics, and experimental economics. To ensure the quality of teaching, SOE also arranges mid-term and final exams for each course, teaching assistants to answer questions and help with exercises, and independent classrooms for review, communication and discussion. In addition to intense study, many academic reports will be organized to enrich their learning and expand their academic horizon. All participants will have the chance to participate in the 2019 Mid-Year China’s Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecast Conference, so that they can learn about the latest academic achievements in some important fields of modern economics, and the development trend of China’s macro economy.

The first Young Faculty Training Program was first held in 2007 and has since trained 1536 teachers from more than 330 universities and research institutions. The Graduate Student Summer Training Program was first held 2009 and has since trained 1075 students from more than 120 universities and research institutions. The Summer Program is a platform at which SOE shares its achievements of economic education reform with the national education circles. 

With continuous efforts, "Modern Economics Summer" Programs have become a well-known institutionalized program held on a regular basis. It has promoted the exchange and cooperation between faculty and students in economics, improved the quality of training of economics graduate students, and established a platform for the growth of young scholars in economics education and research.