Xudong CHEN


Economic History, China Economy
(Ph.D., Shanghai University of Finance and Economics)

Office Address
806, School of Economics
111 Wuchuan Rd

Contact Information:
Telephone: 86-021-65903125
Email: chen.xudong@mail.shufe.edu.cn

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  1. 2018, 'Choice and Innovation: A Survey of the Sinicization of Western Economic Theories in Modern China' (in Chinese, with Lin Cheng and Shen Zhang), Economic Research Journal, 2018(7).

  2. 2017, “Hurwicz’s Economic Thought and Austrian School: Connection and Comparison”, (in Chinese, with Guoqiang TIan), Economic Perspectives, 2017(11).

  3. 2016, “Sima Qian's Economic Thought of Governance by Convention and Its Contemporary Significance” (in Chinese, with Guoqiang Tian), Journal of Finance and Economics, Jul, 2016.

  4. 2016, “Historical Status of Chinese Traditional Economic Thoughts” (in Chinese, with Lin Cheng and Shen Zhang), Researches in Chinese Economic History, Mar, 2016.

  5. 2015, “How Can China Avoid the 'Middle Income Trap'—A Perspective from Institutional Transition and State Governance” (in Chinese, with Guoqiang Tian), Academic Monthly, May, 2015.

  6. 2013, “On Economic Inherent Logic of Prospering the Nation through Enriching Its People” (in Chinese, with Guoqiang Tian and Jijun Xia), Academic Monthly, Dec, 2013.