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Associate Prof. Simin He's Paper Published in Games and Economic Behavior


Associate Professor Simin He recently has her paper published in Games and Economic Behavior, a top journal in game theory and a first-tier journal as listed by SUFE. The paper entitled “Compromise and coordination: An experimental study” was co-authored with Assistant Professor Jiabin Wu at the University of Oregon.

Dr. Simin He (Ph.D., University of Amsterdam), is currently an associate professor in SOE with research interest in behavioral economics, experimental economics, and game theory. She was appointed as a “Tenure-track” assistant professor in 2016 and has since made outstanding research achievements, having 5 papers published in internationally renowned journals such as Journal of Economic Theory and Management Science.

Compromise and coordination: An experimental study

Simin He, Jiabin Wu

Abstract: This study experimentally examines the role of a compromise option in a repeated battle-of-the-sexes game. In a random matching environment, we find that compromise serves as an effective focal point and facilitates coordination, but fails to improve efficiency. However, in a fixed-partnership environment, compromise deters subjects from learning to play alternation, which is a more efficient, but arguably more complex strategy. As a result, compromise hurts efficiency by allowing subjects to coordinate on the less efficient outcome. In a follow-up experiment, we find that many compromisers switch to alternation after playing the repeated game multiple times. These results suggest that subjects teach and learn to use the alternation strategy from each other.